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UTD Elects Board of Directors


Des Plaines, IL - April 22, 2004 The Board of Directors and corporate officers were elected April 20 at the first official meeting of the members of Utilization Technology Development Company, NFP (UTD)

Elected as Chairman of the UTD board at the meeting was Mr. William K. Bibb, Senior Vice President, Operations, Alabama Gas Corporation.

"Continued development and use of efficient and clean gas-fueled technology is of vital interest to the natural gas industry and to the nation," said Bibb. "Advanced gas equipment for homes, businesses and factories can reduce energy costs, extend gas supplies, and help keep industry competitive by reducing production costs. I am pleased to lead this gas-industry initiative to help develop new, high-value end-use technologies."

"Through voluntary, subscription-based funding," Bibb continued, "UTD members themselves will provide and allocate the resources needed to develop, test and deploy equipment and processes of value to our companies and to the millions of customers we serve."

Elected as Vice Chairman of the UTD board was Mr. Gary L. Smith, Vice President, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs, Kentucky Division, Atmos Energy Corporation. Elected as President of UTD was Mr. David C. Carroll, Vice President, Business Development Division, Gas Technology Institute (GTI).

Others elected to the UTD Board of Directors were:

  • Mr. David A. Berokoff, Technology Development Manager, Sempra Energy Utilities
  • Mr. Gary A. Schmitt, Manager, Marketing, Questar Gas
  • Mr. Charles S. Warrington, Jr., Managing Director and Executive Officer, Clearwater (Florida) Gas System (representing the APGA Research Foundation).

In other business, the board approved a contract with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) to assist in the management of the UTD program.

UTD is a not-for-profit Illinois corporation. UTD is intended to facilitate voluntarily funded, collaborative research on topics of interest to the LDC sector. Five organizations are currently participating in UTD.

For more information, contact publicrelations@gastechnology.org