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UTD Adds Tenth Member


Des Plaines, IL – 04/11/2007 KeySpan Corporation, the fifth largest distributor of natural gas in the United States, has signed on to become the tenth member company of UTD.

Formed in 2004, Utilization Technology Development, NFP (UTD), is a not-for-profit company that supports a portfolio of near- to mid-term technology development projects for residential, commercial and industrial markets in efforts to offer customers more efficient, cost-effective and cleaner-burning gas product options. UTD funds a wide variety of natural-gas-based projects, technologies and services.

"Participation in the UTD program will enhance KeySpan's ability to respond to customer end use needs by providing them cost effective choices in using natural gas equipment,” says Robert B. Catell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of KeySpan Corporation. Adds Robert J. Fani, President & Chief Operating Officer of KeySpan and a Board Member of GTI, "KeySpan has always felt it is important to leverage new technology that drives energy conservation and results in environmental benefits to society, and our participation will further foster this."

KeySpan Corporation is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast, operating regulated gas utilities in New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire that serve 2.6 million customers. KeySpan also operates the Long Island Power Authority’s (LIPA’s) transmission and distribution system under contract to LIPA. In addition to these assets, KeySpan has strategic investments in pipeline transportation, distribution, storage, and production. KeySpan has headquarters in Brooklyn, New England, and Long Island.

"We're very excited to add KeySpan as our tenth member," notes Ron Snedic, UTD President. "They'll be a valuable addition to UTD, helping to guide development of programs that address issues of growing concern for the energy industry and its customers. Those challenges include an increasing focus on the environment via emission reductions, addressing volatile energy prices with efficiency improvements and addressing rising manufacturing costs by designing lower cost products."

About Utilization Technology Development (UTD)
UTD was established in 2004 as an Illinois not-for-profit company to facilitate voluntarily funded, collaborative research related to end use applications. Participating natural gas distribution companies direct the strategy and project funding. The technology portfolio includes increased-efficiency gas equipment and appliances, industrial process and combustion systems, and combined heat-and-power (CHP) systems. Program management services are provided by Gas Technology Institute (GTI). GTI also performs a significant portion of the research work.

For more information, contact pr@utd-co.org